The Sager Company

by w4l3XzY3

by w4l3XzY3

Retained Executive Search

Established in 1984, Sager Company is a Management Consulting firm headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, conducting activities on an international basis.  Broadly focusing on manufacturing clients the firm has developed core competencies in the Industrial markets representing more than 75% of the firms total revenue over the last 15 years.  More recent growth has occurred in the Private Equity markets working with portfolio companies, which today represent about 50% of the firm’s revenues.

Additionally our firm has earned the unique distinction of being recognized as one of the oldest executive search firm boutiques in the region.  The recognition has led to our firm to be selected specifically when a large firm may be excluded due to client conflicts, or the size of the role may not carry enough cache to get the attention of a multinational search practice.  Candidly this capability has led to a large percentage of our firms historical and repeat engagements coming as a result of a referral by many of our global competitors.

Ultimately our value is translated in our ability to evaluate the relationship, assess the opportunity and fit the particular offering to our clients through candidate identification, selection, and placement.  The simplicity of a single office has flattened the decision making ability of our team and focused us on delivering results. in all cases our clients are working with the principles and not being handed off to the “B” team.

Succession Planning

The high cost of executive recruiting, the cost of opportunity and loss due to high potential turnover, and the cost of a failed executive placement (estimated to be between 2 to 5 times the executive’s annual salary) all point to the importance of effective succession planning for retention and cost savings.  Sager specializes in working with you to help develop the strategic steps needed to plan your company’s future in the most cost effective way.

Whether it is preparing someone to take over as the sole proprietor of a small business or a position of leadership in a corporation, business succession planning is essential to the long-term survival of a company.  The process used with Sager also serves as a proactive internal recruiting tool for your organization.  This is accomplished by not only predicting new leadership position needs and future leadership vacancy risks, but also by proactively identifying and developing successors with high potential for leadership advancement.

Sager Company partners with you to strategically plan the process to set your business on the right course for the future success of your business by:

  • Facilitating a Group Succession Planning and Discussion Process

  • Working with you to prepare an Executive Succession Plan for your Board

  • Conducting individual succession planning interviews

  • Identifying critical positions and talent pools for these positions

  • Developing position competencies and development plans